Tuesday, July 22, 2008

wild flowers

I have to post the wedding flowers even these few days later because I am still really excited with the way it all turned out. This wedding was a delight from start to finish and I was given total creative freedom and trust; I met Melissa and Dave, discussed what I thought would be good ideas, and then they just let me run with it.

I got the job through my friend Ryan who is magic at making everything look beautiful. He was hired as the wedding planner and since we'd worked together on my old roommate Nicole's wedding last year, I guess it seemed like a good fit again. The bride had chosen lime green and orange as her colors and they were having an outdoor ceremony and reception up Parley's Canyon. Ryan and I decided that incorporating actual citrus would be a fun way to play with that and I am a big fan of arrangements and centerpieces that feel really organic, so with those two concepts I picked up all the round, full and color appropriate flowers I could find and Ryan dropped off bags of fruit.

My sister-in-law Kristen stopped by Saturday afternoon and was a HUGE help with the centerpieces...I may have been ambitious thinking I had the time to get everything done by myself.

I loved the way they turned out.

Ryan is awesome because yes, those are oranges and limes and lemons hanging from the tree.

This is the bride bouquet on it's way to the bride.

Outside table

Inside table

Arrangement at the bar

Time kind of got away from me as I was finishing up at my house, so luckily my mom stopped by and helped me with this big guy that ended up on the banquet table.

Ryan and I ran around like crazy people trying to get everything put together in the hour and a half we had to do it all. But because Ryan is magic, the whole place looked fantastic just in time for you know...wedding.

I was beat and hungry and happy which is probably why I left the wedding and went to a raw food restaurant with Kristina and Tracy and paid $8 for a slice of pie that didn't have sugar or gluten or any animal products in it. Awesome!


k8 said...

amazing emily. they look spectacular!

Anonymous said...

wow, ems. I know I already commented but I truly love these!

Jacob said...

Wow, those do look beautiful.

Senja said...

yeah, really beautiful.

*Jane Lee* said...

Very very VERY creative! Way way WAY awesome!

CoCo said...

flowers look great. sorry, but your pie looks like dog puke. :(

ha! or better yet, like lil' morg puke.

Anonymous said...

it looks really lovely!

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an illdressed foolishwise said...

those are really lovely..

Whits said...

So pretty! I was planning on doing the same theme -- citrus (but staying away from oranges, just lemons). I think I'll still stick with it even though I'm getting married in October. California still acts like August in October which is awesome.

Congrats on an awesome job!

judy said...


I love the low table arrangements the best. I love the asymmetry and the mix of textures and colors. Where did you get those silver trays?

Brew 2 said...

I know I should have posted a comment on the first pictures and now my saying that they are totally awesome computers isn't going to even matter because everyone else already said it...first. But, they are still wonderful. Good work!

So, the picture of the bride walking down the isle :: at first I thought, "Holy Ef! That guys is WAY too old for here!" And then I realized that at weddings, your DAD walks you down the isle not your husband-to-be. Duh.

RO said...

K.. seriously love the flowers. You are awesome. And about the pie... you must have gone to Omar's restaurant in sugarhouse, eh? Do you know I was on a totally plant-based diet for five years, and a totally raw diet for one year? (And then pregnancy ruined everything. Well, you know what I mean!!)

You should talk to me about it. ;)