Thursday, April 28, 2011


Nephew Garrett is in town for the weekend! Monday I will have soooo many pictures of him since living in Northern California means he gets way less play around here.

But today I met up with him and his dad and all Salt Lake family members for lunch. This little Morgan cowboy greeted me and proudly showed me his new cowboy belt buckle.

And his real cowboy pants. Adorable!

Cousin sucker punch!

Freak, tiny humans you're related to are the best.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

family snapshot

Proof of my point!

Thank you Universe for giving me this today when I had my camera and not yesterday when I didn't!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i forget its there

I forgot my camera at home today.

It's like forgetting your phone...because um, what if I need to take a picture of something today?! (And I know what you're thinking, I could take phone pictures. But if I'd remembered my camera I could take a picture of my phone to show you that my phone is old enough and takes low-res enough photos that everything ends up accidentally looking a little perverted.)

So what if I see a ridiculous bummer sticker or person at lunch? What if the snow stops and something pretty happens in the sky? What if I see Morgan and Wyatt and they do something cute?

How did everyone live fulfilling lives back in the 90s?

Monday, April 18, 2011

homeward bound

So we bought a condo yesterday.

There are lots of reasons why it's exciting and fun (I'm going to paint EVERYTHING), but number one might be that Nate sold it to us.

(we're holding pens from the mortgage company as proof in case that isn't clear from our awkward poses)

I never would have thought in elementary school that I'd buy my first place from the kid who wouldn't skate with me at our 5th grade Classic Skating field trip...but I guess things change!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm not pregnant by the way. I'd like to think Aaron and I will take one completely indulgent vacation before that happens, so you can start wondering once pictures from The Canary Islands or somewhere equally exciting show up on my blog!

I sit in an office all day every day during the week. I have a tall window next to my desk and though it looks out onto a parking lot below me, I can look up and out to the distance and see the north end of the Wasatch mountain range and the sky above both it and me. Besides the dumb snow ruining weekends, I don't mind the cold weather lately because it's been beautiful to watch in the sky. I have seen cotton ball clouds sitting on top of the mountains while darker ones creep over my building, and the other way around. I have seen the sun fighting to take over a gray sky in the morning and kept tabs on the back and forth battle between the two the rest of the day. And I've watched and listened as tree tops blow in a wind that seems to be warning them and me it's not yet time for shady tree picnics.

As long as it comes soon, I'm okay for now because I love watching the weather and creating an appropriate soundtrack for it while I sit all day. Yesterday's hint of warm felt like Ray LaMontagne, while Andrew Bird has fit perfectly with today's sunny then stormy story.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

most of us prizefighters

I think I'm boring because when I look at the stats of my blog there are like 2 people reading it, but there used to be more (and I know that doesn't like actually matter, but it does make me wonder what was worth coming to my blog for at one point that isn't worth it anymore).

And that's totes not like an actual big deal because,

a) I am boring,
b) I post like once a week these days, and
c) I will get more boring since we got DVR at home a week ago so now through recording and HuluPlus I can strategically WATCH EVERY SHOW CURRENTLY ON TELEVISION...and that is gonna be time consuming (by the way I caught part of that new TLC coupon show last night and I wanted to slow clap for the lady who got $600 worth of groceries for $7, effin amazing).

But, just now I realized that I am not only boring, but also maybe a little bit pathetic cus I had to look at all my posts from April of 2009 to see what excitement used to be like (and I wasn't even really exciting then).

I know how to spice things up, I'll get pregnant!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

on a good day

On Saturday, I made it out of IKEA with having spent only $20...personal success!

Other weekend successes include, treats recovered from underneath the couch cushions,

Fantastic Mr. Fox for the one thousandth time in between Conference,

and Morgan eating so many vegetables!

Color coordinated egg dye and cups (even though the actual dying was NOT a success),

and finally giving Elizabeth the cowl I knitted for her but had been wearing myself all week.

Mikey got to met Wyatt for the first time,

and Wyatt got to feel up Zuzu for the first time!