Wednesday, September 29, 2010

on my way back home

Aaron my sweet, I love you. I love your flat billed baseball caps and teenage style. I love your ambiguously ethnic face. I love that you don't care about movies made before the late 90s, or music at all outside of hip hop and electronic. I love everything about you.

BUT. After Band of Horses last night, I was reminded that a little bit of my heart will always belong to American-made, long haired and/or bearded, rock and roll...preferably from the South.

In another life, in an older decade, I could have been a groupie.

**I know Neil Young is Canadian, but that is like basically American.

Monday, September 27, 2010

hanging around

How has it been 2 weeks since we've gotten together internet? Well it's not you, it's me...I've been busy. But I'm back now cus Tasha got an iPhone so I have to keep her full of content.

Also, summer has officially ended, so if you want to know how it finished I have conveniently summed it up below.

I found a drink machine OF THE FUTURE,

hung out with some sibs,

and learned Wyatt is so spiritual he is already praying.

Aaron and I fell asleep some Friday nights in our TV nest,

we saw Cindy's beautiful America,

and realized there was perfect coordination in attendance!

I watched family friend Reid Mumford riding in the Tour of Utah,

and took mature photos.

There was Janelle birthday face squeeze,

and outside pizza to celebrate a PhD.

There were grown up men immersed in intellectual reading,

and my husb involved in a potentially sketchy back rub chain.

I hung out with a delightful Morgan,

and continued to melt over that smiley Wyatt-face.

Aaron and I bought BFF bracelets at the fair,

I found this photo on my camera,

and Joel learned to skid on a fixed gear (but unfortunately/fortunately did not fall)

Not too shabby!

Friday, September 10, 2010

food party

Does anyone else get thrown with Monday holidays? I've thought it was Wednesday for like 3 days. Surprise, it's Friday.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store on my lunch to pick up groceries for dinner. But I got sidetracked with cereal that was on sale at 4 boxes for $5.

And Throwback Mountain Dew that was on sale at 4 packs for $10.

Hello being a grownup, your grocery life is awesome.

Friday, September 3, 2010


I just got this text from Christopher:

There is a girl on the other side of the intersection listening to Stevie Nix so loud I can hear it. You two would be BFFS.

Probably. Since it didn't happen last year, I've started saying my prayers that Glee will do an all Fleetwood Mac episode this season.

Oh please bless.