Friday, May 27, 2011

roses from my friends

It's been almost 3 years since I reconnected with my old friends Nate and Joel and they moved into the apartment above Naomi and me on E Street. In that time as neighbors I don't know how many times both Naomi and I were tired and desperately wanting to go to bed but were paralyzed with laughter because the two of them were singing in our kitchen or riding bikes in our living room, or maybe lying in one of our beds. It was really mostly fun and awesome (even if sometimes a little annoying) and we became not just old friends, but current friends. I assumed coming over and eating my food or making jokes would fade once the convenience ended when Nate got married and moved and then for sure after Naomi and I moved too.

But luckily...we stayed friends. And Nate sold us our condo, and Aaron plays soccer on a team with Joel and Nate and I found myself 2 weeks ago, sitting in my kitchen with Aaron, both of us desperately wanting to go to bed but paralyzed with laughter because Nate and Joel were just being Nate and Joel.

Can't wait to see what happens once babies get up in the mix.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

beautiful boy

Today is nephew Wyatt's 1st birthday. First birthdays are the best because here is a whole person with a face and a personality who didn't even exist a year ago. It's amazing!

Since we bought a condo, I have basically offered to host every party within a 30 mile radius because I'm so excited about it. So to start things off, we had Wyo's first birthday party over the weekend.

And eff, that kid is awesome. He doesn't know how to smile without using his whole face, he lets his big brother climb all over him, and he hardly ever makes a fuss. He is pretty much just happy and adorable all the time. And he's probably the only redhead with a Mexican mama. So to honor that little big time happy redhead, we ate circus animal sugar cookies and hot dogs and Tasha made party hats to celebrate with all of Wyatt's favorite adults and Hudson.

Happy birthday to my favorite 1 year old!

Friday, May 20, 2011

party hard

Last weekend we celebrated Aaron's birthday. It was a combined party with his two besties since the three of them have birthdays 2 days apart. In the tradition of Aaron parties, we went to Lowe's Xtreme Air Sports in Provo and it was so fun. It was cheap and friendly and had a lot of space. Plus it was great because we had some nieces and nephews in attendance and there was even an area specifically for those tiniest of guests.

This is basically what the whole place looked many ways to be XTREME!

I stole these couple from Damian because cutest.

Aaron and Wyatt

Christopher and Morgan

I love this picture because it's Aaron waiting his turn behind little kids.

Michelle and Casey made a cake for the event and their goal was to decorate it with everything boys like.

Mission accomplished!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

basic space

Over the weekend Aaron and I celebrated our one year anniversary. We reminded ourselves that we recently gifted each other a condo, so while we have tennis lessons on the horizon, we kept year one pretty mellow with a morning trail run, a stroll through Red Butte Garden and dinner at the delicious Copper Onion (people in Salt Lake, go to there).

We did make it special cus all day I wore my wedding shirt,

and Aaron wore his wedding shoes.

Back at six months I said we'd managed to have it pretty easy up to then, and I think we wrapped up the second half of the year pretty much the same way.

I do feel like in the past six months more and more I have seen that Aaron and I are very different from each other in so many ways...more than just tastes and interests, our frames of reference rotate on different angles. Yet at the same time, more and more I also see how we are morphing into some sort of singular unit; I 'we' us all the time in conversation because I feel comfortable that we feel the same way about where we are headed and decisions we are making (and that Batman Begins is the standard against which all other comic book movies are rated).

It's incredible to me that being opposite and growing together can exist in the same space, but I'm thankful for it. And I'm thankful that with one year down we've still got tons ahead of us to go.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

find a way

Today is Aaron's birthday and boy oh boy am I glad he was born 29 years ago today. Thanks so much Blanca!

We of course, have yet another kid oriented party planned at an extreme sport place on Saturday night with his 2 BFs who share his birthday week (remember last year's party, and the year before?). It will be fun and the plus side of being married to someone who likes to party like an elementary schooler, is that I will know every place possible for parties when we end up with some of our own.

Sunday night I was going through some of Aaron's stuff trying to combine bins for storage. While I was slightly annoyed that he must have bought all of the native print bags and coin holders in Guatemala while he was there on his mission, I ran across a pile of non-mission related things. There were a lot of IDs from his various seasons working at The Canyons and other little memory type trinkets and then I came to this:

And it melted my annoyed heart.

I went to San Francisco for the first time when Aaron and I were first dating. Since I carried a Nalgene bottle and was into music that used guitars and like, sometimes had feelings, he always teased me that I was a hippie and because of that, said I'd especially love Haight-Ashbury (I'm actually way grossed out by real hippies). So in trying to be cute and funny I decided to bring him back the most ridiculous souvenir possible. And I succeeded!

I assumed it had been dumped in the trash a long time ago cus you know, it's a weed ashtray. But he didn't throw it away (even though he did break up with me a week after that trip), he threw it in with other stuff he wanted to remember. Finding it reminded me that I married someone who is not only positive, confident and so much fun, but who is also incredibly sweethearted. I love this day to spend thinking of him and being excited he exists.

Happy Birthday Husb!

Monday, May 9, 2011

do you hear the people sing

There are a few things I've learned from my mother.

The first is to appreciate beauty where ever it may be found, in both the obvious and the not so obvious.

Secondly, your drink to ice ratio should be just enough drink to cover your glass full of ice.

And thirdly, Les Miserables is the best musical in existence...I have memories as far back as I can remember of the soundtrack playing in our home.

So imagine the combined excitement of my siblings when we realized that Les Miserables was going to be on tour in Salt Lake and nicely coinciding with Mother's Day. And imagine my excitement that I am the lucky one who gets to be her date.

May 26th, I can't wait for you to be here for me to cry my eyes out!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

girl with the golden hair

You know that kind of day where you roll out of bed and convince yourself that you've actually done a good job getting ready in 20 minutes and that your ponytail looks full and your bangs aren't greasy?

But then in the middle of the day you notice in the restroom mirror that you were wrong? Like way wrong.

I just realized today is that kind of day!

Monday, May 2, 2011


We're all moved into our new place! We got our fridge on Saturday and this may or may not be why we bought it.

Come over sometime for a fake sugared drink!