Friday, March 25, 2011

steady on

I have found the most delicious breakfast cereal combination ever.

I want to eat it all the time...a whole box of bran cereal in 3 days would be good for me right?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

desert eagle

I didn't really make any resolutions at the new year cus I always break them, but I've decided to make one after this weekend; go to Moab more often than once every 15 years. It's close, there is tons to do and it's cute...all my favorite things.

The purpose of the trip was because back in December Naomi invited us to sign up for the Canyonlands Half Marathon with her. Assuming it would be a good motivation to get off winter pounds, we signed up. Wrong assumption! Neither of us trained, so luckily there was also a 5 mile run we could switch to and still get the half marathon t-shirt. Winning!

The fun of just 5 miles is that I carried my camera so Naomi and I could take pictures of each other along the way (note: posing for running photos is more difficult than one would think).

Five mile finishers,

Half Marathon finishers,

and what I get for trying to take more photos with both Aaron and me in them.

We went to Delicate Arch Saturday evening and I did a crappy job at photos except for this one (I love Diane's jump!).

Sunday morning Aaron and I were going to take a bike ride but it was much colder than I was prepared for in the cycling clothes department. So we went to Dead Horse Point which was a SPECTACULAR decision.

We have a May return trip in the works, I can't wait.

Friday, March 18, 2011

super bad

This is worth double internet posting, I saw it while at lunch with co-workers at 5 Guys on Wednesday.

This tattoo is:

a) gross,
b) WAY gross, or
c) the worst tattoo decision EVER

(answer: all of them)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i dream of the 90s

Hopefully everyone is watching Portlandia episodes or at least catching clips on Hulu. I wondered if it was going to be a (funny) one-trick pony, but I've yet to find an episode I didn't love, which is awesome since Fred Armisen is so great.

This one is still my favorite because Aaron is totally friends with a couple of these guys:

And another gem:

Monday, March 14, 2011

i am what i am

Favorite photos from my last camera upload...

Like cute Casey and Kevin at our Alberto's Valentine's date,

Morgan's 'vroom vroom' truck noise,

a tuba strung with lights at the Devotchka show,

and February balloons in the wind at Sonic,

There was Danny's Cafe Rio birthday dinner,

my new dream chandelier,

the most awesome bread to celebrate Marsha's wedding,

and Aaron's truck after Tuesday's storm (not awesome).

Triple pregnant bellies (!) in one place over the weekend,

laughing too hard to be in focus,

and Wyatt helping Grandpa play the guitar.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

movin' on up

How long has that really cute Corn Flakes commercial been around?

I just saw it this morning and while Corn Flakes is like the most boring cereal ever, I will eat it now cus great box design and city block table parties.


Friday, March 4, 2011

she's my baby

When Aaron and I went to Vegas two weeks ago I knitted a gift for baby Zuzu. Christopher and Tasha hand delivered it last week to the little tiny all the way in New Zealand since they are there visiting (so jealous!) and this morning I was delighted to see this on Facebook:

Forget the hat, what a perfect little face!

I followed the pattern for a 3-6 month old since it's still summer in New Zealand and I wanted it to fit her in the cooler months, but of course, I didn't do a gauge with the yarn I bought (cus I don't understand gauges so instead of learning, I just ignore!).

But oh well, the owl is so cute and it's soft and pretty Alpaca so it can hang around for the dozens of other beautiful Maahs babies that are coming in the future...right Mike and Katie?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So after last night's episode I realized that Aaron and I are in for trouble because he's never protected me from wild beasts in the South African can I possibly know we will last with only real life experiences and no elaborately produced dates or sex hotel suites in our past?