Thursday, October 28, 2010

impossible soul

My aunt Barb lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer last week. There was a funeral in St. George on Monday and then a service in Logan yesterday where her earthly remains will rest; comforting opportunities for family members and friends to say goodbye.

So I'm sad for my grandparents who buried a child and for Aunt Barb's 3 kids who, though young adults, won't have their mom around anymore. And I'm sad for my own mother and other aunt and two uncles who lost a sibling. But Barb was very sick and really ready to go, so everyone is glad she is somewhere better.

And I'm glad that though funerals are so sad, they are also a chance for family to gather together and express all kinds of emotions and hug each other a little more than usual.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

warm night

I am not sure I should admit this to the interwebs, but I put sweatpants on at approximately 7:30 on Saturday night at a cabin in the Uintas and didn't take them off until approximately 8:30 on Monday morning in our apartment.

Gross? Or way awesome?

(way awesome)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

variations on a theme

I was going through pictures from our California trip with Aaron's family, and noticed an awesome reoccurring theme (besides my fuzzy documentation of said theme).

uncle-niece teasing

uncle-nephew teasing

niece-nephew-uncle teasing

brother-sister teasing

uncle-uncle-niece teasing

general chaos teasing

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi Internet. I didn't forget you again, but I've been in California. And if I could manage to get my cord and camera in the same place ever I would upload and post pictures of Disneyland, Uhh Yeah Dude, and Aaron's seriously adorable nieces and nephew.

In the meantime though, yesterday a friend posted on Facebook a quiz to gauge your empathy quotient. Since I can't resist an internet quiz, I took it...even though internet quizzes also kind of stress me out because what if I mark that I like the city instead of the beach and then that means my true love is Nate Archibald instead of Seth Cohen? So stressful!

But besides that, on more in depth quizzes sometimes some of the ways I know I have to answer specific questions makes me sad.

Sorry Ms. Likes Boring Things, that is a strongly disagree for you (on the flipside, I am waaaay empathetic, so tell me your problems anytime!).