Thursday, July 21, 2011


Some things...

I mentioned previously that Aaron is still in New York for the rest of the week. And get ready to vomit, but I realized we haven't been apart longer than 3 days since December of 2008 and today I really feel it. I'm used to depending on him and looking forward to seeing his perfect face at the end of the day and having him fall asleep next to me. I miss him.

But then...I've remembered how much I like myself alone. I enjoyed single me so much and waking up in my bed alone and making plans alone reminds me of her and I like for just one week remembering that her me.

New York and it's life stirred up something inside me that had gotten too sleepy and comfortable and I'm thankful for the inspiration.

The last few evening have been full of thought and meaningful conversations (and The Bachelorette) with women friends I love...I'm lucky to be surrounded by so many smarts and careers, and creatives and pregnants and wives and PhDs and moms; all as inspiring as that city that never sleeps.

I know some hearts that have recently been broken/are breaking. Talking about it the other night I realized it's been a long while now since the last time mine was and I had to work to remember the feeling. But then a Facebook thread yesterday brought this song to my mind and I could immediately remember the feeling.

I know marrieds are sometimes frustrating to singles cus you just forget. You forget the places you aren't anymore. You don't mean to, but everybody does it...grown ups and teens, depresseds and happys, richies and poories, believers and other belief believers. But somebody is always in the places you aren't. So I'll think more about the places I'm not.

Monday, July 18, 2011

new york groove

I'm back. And I adored New York.

We saw awesome stuff, we walked amazing places, we caught up with dear friends, we bought junk, we ate pizza everyday (everyday!), and I saw an old crazy dude's balls on my last day...a complete New York experience!

Aaron is still there the rest of the week and he has our good camera, but until then...point and shoot highlights.

Early morning Time Square,

Magnolia Bakery with recent New Yorker, but old friend Dave,

and my favorite Monet in real life (while waiting for the Alexander McQueen Exhibit which was amazing).

I made a stop at Purl Soho, the cutest place that exists in real life and the internet,

ate Joe's Pizza with my favorite Dallas,

and hung out with the always delightful Di and Ben.

It was wonderful, and Aaron and I decided we would move there in a long as we could live in an air-conditioned hotel with an amazing king sized bed. Easy, right?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New York, New York

I'm always so embarrassed to say that I'm 29 and have never been to New York. But tonight that changes! Aaron and I are going to get matching 'I Love NY' t-shirts and fanny packs and sturdy white walking tennis shoes and see everything.

And guys, I'm gonna eat so much pizza.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

pumped up kicks

Our 4th of July weekend was awesome. I pulled together 2 separate 4th of July outfits for two separate events, which feels like quite an accomplishment (I'm proud of myself for finishing seasons of TV shows on DVD too, so there is my accomplishment standard). I didn't get to see what Tasha wore this year, but from her previous years (here and here) she has forever inspired patriotic attire.

This song also contributes to the weekend's greatness. I caught it a few times here and there on the radio on the spring and heard this story on NPR. Corey had the whole album when we ran Wasatch Back Relay and since it's one Aaron and I both like, as well as everyone else in the country, this song got lots of play last weekend.