Thursday, April 30, 2009


I realized this morning while listening to Mike Levitt explain on the radio how we're sort of prepared for a pandemic, but not really prepared (sweet!), that I have yet to come up with a disease plague emergency plan.

I've discussed with my family extensively how to react if (when) zombies attack. Basically, I get Naomi and her Costco supply of food, move upstairs to Joel and Nate's, blockade their front stairs and kick out the back stairs. We then take turns smashing heads of threatening zombies until it's safe enough to ride bikes to Christopher and Tasha's where they totally have real food storage, lots of baseball bats, and neighbors old enough to take out and slowly feed to zombies until Will Smith saves us.

We have basically the same plan if a natural disaster like an earthquake happens, just without the part about smashing in zombie heads (but hopefully with the part about Will Smith saving us). But all this disease talk has gotten me thinking about a reasonable reaction to the whole world dying from Swine Flu. Which makes me think that for the millionth time in my life I'm thankful that as a 12 year old I watched "The Stand" mini-series on TV and had it infused in my brain that only a few will survive. So really, I've just got to figure out how to become a compelling enough character to be worth staying mysteriously alive when everyone else around me dies. I'm not sure being good at the internet will do it, and guys...I am no Gary Sinise.

So I've got a lot of work to do.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

unknown legend

Has everyone seen Rachel Getting Married?

If you haven't you should because it's really great. It might wander from time to time, and I don't know if I agree with Anne Hathaway's nomination but over all I really loved it. And the music...the music is great. I wish I could find a version of Tunde Adebimpe singing Unknown Legend on youtube, but I can't so you'll have to buy the soundtrack yourself and listen to Neil Young right now. But then again, everyone should listen to Neil Young anyway (I'm looking at you dad).

Monday, April 27, 2009

just in case

Last week Elizabeth made me a label of my favorite saying for my phone. Since my mother doesn't like it when I say crude things on the internet, you'll have to figure out for yourself what the letters stand for.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's your world

Happy Earth Day! I'm going to celebrate by sitting inside my office all day using power heavy computer machinery. Also I will drink 2 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper instead of 3 or 4 so as to reduce what I have to throw in the recycling bin. I AM SO GREEN!!!

Here is my favorite image from googling Earth Day's the world in the ocean.

(But really, if you can go see Earth Days tonight at the Tower for free. I saw it during Sundance and it's great even though it's a little bit boring too.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

change clothes

Does anyone else wear something/buy something great on Saturday, put it on Sunday and then perhaps also wear it Monday or Tuesday?

I love loving something that much.

Monday, April 20, 2009

sleeping sun

Hello warm weather. It's officially here once you can walk to the park after Sunday dinner (to have three boys tell you how to throw a softball).

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last night I went to see Girl Talk and Lupe Fiasco at the U because despite the weather, I thought it would be awesome. And it was. It was crawling with creepy young college students (not to be confused with dumb old college students like me), but other than that it was a lot of fun.

Kristin and I were wearing the same (kind of) gloves.

Then Danny and I noticed we were wearing both of Katie's brands!

Then Girl Talk let creepy college students on stage.

Kristen and Danny danced like the creepy college students on stage.

Then it got dark and Lupe Fiasco came out (I love shows outside).

Then no one was really prepared for this picture I took

Then on the way home I noticed I spend most of my time with a man bear.

For anyone not familiar with Lupe Fiasco, this is a good one. I fell in love with it a couple of years ago and haven't been disappointed with his stuff since.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the distance

I have only used my Nike+ three times now. And I don't have the shoe thing for the sensor yet so I just have to stick it in my shoe. However I didn't realize, on my second use, that I had to stick the sensor in the front of my shoe for it to pick up properly. I was on a treadmill so when I hit well over 3 miles there and my iPod still said I wasn't done with one 1, I figured something was up. But oh big deal. It's not like my running history shows up on the internet for all to see.

Oh wait...

That running girl icon should be crawling.

Monday, April 13, 2009

black egg

Christopher and Tasha hosted an egg-dying party last Thursday. I know Easter is totally over, but work had the nerve to be busy on Friday so I didn't get these photos posted then. And if we all know one thing about me besides how much TV I watch, it's that I love putting pictures up all over the internet.

At the party you would have found:


angry babies

conversing babies

favorite four-eyes

serious craftsmen

serious artists

smiling artist

peasant women (with boring eggs)

(with exciting eggs!)






these guys

and more guys

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

animals and insects

I read an NPR story on Monday about Green Porno, which is neither actually green nor pornography but rather, a series of shorts created by Isabella Rossellini and available on the Sundance Channel website. They discuss the mating and sexual behavior of various sea creatures and bugs and they are AWESOME. Aaron and Nick and I watched a bunch of them the other night and we laughed as well as learned (did you know that snails have both a who-ha and a thingy?). Plus her accent is so adorable and the costumes and sets are mostly paper so they are very delicious visually.

My personal favorite is the whale episode...because OH MY GOSH.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a sunday smile

I think generally Mormons are well mannered people, very concerned with looking and acting appropriately and getting to church every Sunday. But twice a year when General Conference happens we all sit on our couches in pajamas and realize that no church is way more awesome! And then everyone blogs about it so maybe eventually it will catch on that church should just be a broadcast every week...yes?

At our house Naomi invited a handful of people over for brunch during the break.

We talked through the opening song (happens at regular church too).

And Joel played around with my box camera while I knitted.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I am now pretty much a brunette.

A brunette with bags under her eyes, but a brunette nonetheless.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

my night with the prostitute from marseille

I sometimes get crushes on particular songs. Currently I'm in love this little street walker.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

dinner bells

I forgot to say before now that we went to this movie on Friday:

And if you're considering seeing it, don't because it doesn't outwit, outspy, outsmart OR outplay anyone. Though two hours into it you will want to get out.

However, the weekend proceeded nicely after that. Saturday morning this car was in front of my house and it made me a little ashamed to also be a Subaru owner.

But Saturday night Aaron and I ate dinner with ALL OF THESE BABIES.

And after that Maggie read books.

Here is an obligatory Morgan photo from Sunday afternoon.

And party people at Naomi's Sunday night party get together.

And Naomi and Nate and Joel being so cute and normal.