Friday, September 23, 2011

asking for flowers

Aaron's friend Eric got married at the beginning of the month and since he was the Best Man I figured I needed to push my way into the wedding! So I did the flowers.

I always love the opportunity because taking a day off work and filling my house with the scent of fresh flowers is completely fun for me. I'd love to do flowers more often and especially I super love doing flowers for weddings like here and here.

And while I'm not a huge horn tooter, I'm enough of a little internet horn tooter to say, guys...this was awesome. I was a miracle worker with the budget and made some floral decisions that were like, perfect. Elizabeth and my mom both were huge help and my mom single-handedly got all the table arrangements set up while I was running around like a mad woman getting everything else set up, so they were total life savers and it all paid off.

One of the reasons I love doing flowers is putting together something lovely I wouldn't have necessarily chosen for myself; the bride Casey had an all soft and creamy palette, shades of pink and peach and white and I totally fell in love with it. Here is a boxful all snuggled together for the ride up the canyon.

I didn't get great photos once set up, but these give you the general idea..all set up on all the tables.

If only everyday was flower day!

Friday, September 16, 2011

yesterday's blues

Hey Internet, did I ever tell you Christopher and Tasha and the boys moved to St. George a few months ago?

No, I know I didn't cus it's too depressing (just kidding) (kind of just kidding). When Tasha called me in April and told me they were moving I was like "that's great!" "that will be awesome!" "I'm so excited for you guys!"

And then I hung up the phone and burst into tears in front of a confused Aaron.

Because of course, I really was excited and so happy for them. That move was going to be (and has been) a great move. It was awesome that Christopher and Tasha searched together for answers and guidance for their family and when they found it, they went for it.

But duh...they are also pretty much my favorite humans and have made 2 of my other favorite humans and I miss them. Their entire marriage Christopher and Tasha have either lived 3 buildings away from me at my home or 3 blocks away from me at my office. I don't know how to buy clothes, plan parties, make decisions, or pretty much breath without immediately showing/talking/discussing with Tasha. I don't know how I would ever make pizza crust, fix weird car problems, camp, bike or do lots of other things without stopping by to get advice from Christopher first. And freak, I for sure don't know how to go much more than about a week without trying to convince Morgan to love me or freely getting one of Wyatt's million dollar smiles.

So I hope someday we can be neighbors and kids can run freely between houses and Tasha and I can watch trashy TV together with Sonic drinks and Christopher and Aaron can grill delicious dinners every night.

In the meantime though, I have loved having them stay with us during their Salt Lake visits and getting surprise Tasha packages in the mail and since they are just 5 hours away it means easy weekends trips and much warmer weather during our dreary winter.

(PS- I don't just keep family photos of my sibs on hand, I took these a few months ago at Liberty Park.)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

love cats

Okay, I have some things to catch up on around here, but first the most recent and exciting news.

Aaron and I have hit the cliche moment in our marriage where we're (he's) not quite in baby mode yet but we (I) are (am) getting there, so for the time being...we got a kitten!

And I mean, even as a total non-pet person, when my friend Emilie posted on Facebook that she was looking for a home for this guy last week, I totally melted.

I couldn't resist! We really weren't thinking about getting a pet at all or anything but when I saw him, something seemed to click and after a weekend of kitty sitting, it clicked for Aaron too (hoping I don't have to do a test weekend with any actual children we have before he feels ready to keep them, but we'll see!).

Emilie's family had named him Paul Banks and Aaron has altered it to Pablo so we'll see what sticks permanently. Either way we're having fun with him and he's a great little fit for us.