Monday, October 24, 2011


If I'm 29 and this was my Saturday night...should I be concerned for my future?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

collect call

I realize I am like one of 4 people on the planet who doesn't have an iPhone or an Android or any other kind of phone in existence that you can use by swiping your fingers across the screen, but I feel like my little BlackBerry also isn't the oldest phone known to man.

However, my brother Logan disagrees. He always teases me about how my phone is as big as a computer and makes jokes about it, so I wasn't surprised when a package from him showed up in my mailbox on Friday with this:

And his note:

I accidentally packed up your phone with my things. Hope you didn't miss any important faxes.

PS. I got you a bluetooth headset for the trouble.

The fake phone is basically the same as my real phone...guess it's time for an upgrade Emily!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

lucky now

Aaron and I just finished 4 straight weekends of away trips and I for one, am totally worn out. I'm ready to cook dinners and be at home, but it was a great month of fun!

We started with a weekend in St. George to visit Morgan and Wyatt (and Christopher and Tasha), then followed with a second weekend in St. George/Vegas for me and Sacramento for Aaron where we each attended separate weddings. The next week we spent an amazing 5 days in Yellowstone on a backpacking trip and this last weekend we went to Moab to support Logan and Christopher racing in 24 Hours of Moab. Sheesh.

I post these from my first St. George weekend as proof of how amazing Christopher and Tasha are as hosts...a few days in their desert home is heavenly. And that is only made more evident by very similar pictures Meikel posted last week of one of their summer visits; everyone should go to there.