Wednesday, November 5, 2008

wishful thinking

I voted for Barack Obama yesterday, so today I am happy. And I know, blah, blah, blah politics, everyone with a blahhhhgg is posting opinions today. But I was moved by the dignified and heartfelt concession speech given by Senator McCain and I was moved by the sincere and inspiring acceptance speech given by Senator Obama. It is fascinating to think about how in my excitement and hope there are others feeling defeat and sadness. The right guy won. The wrong guy won.

So in my thinking for my opinion posting, my thoughts have specifically been directed toward how through this long, long election haul there is something to be said in that idea about just loving everyone. Not in agreeing to disagree, not in simply tolerating, but in loving. Because, do you do it?

I feel strongly about what I believe. You feel strongly about what you believe (well I hope you do). And I could go so far as to say I am right about what I believe. But probably you can go so far as to say you are right about what you believe. And it's true that some friends or people at church have actually made me feel like I can't be a Mormon and liberally minded (but I can!) and it's true I have actually rolled my eyes at what appears to be close-minded or possibly racist (but it isn't!).

So how do you actually have a difference of opinions and beliefs? Because neither side did it very well. I have been shocked by some of the offensive t-shirts and bummer stickers out there. I am surprised by the self-righteousness of many. And I have been saddened by some of the mean comments said to each other or left as comments on the blogs of like, just nice normal people.

I know though, that none of that behavior is what God wants from us. And as a person who cares pretty deeply about what God wants from me, I am concerned that so many of us have participated in hurting feelings and assuming superiority whether intellectually or religiously (me included in both those categories, ask my mom). I believe that God cares about the state of the world and governing ourselves with a faith in Him, but I also knows he cares deeply about each of us individually too. And He wants us to care and be kind about each other. My oh my is it hard to swallow a mouthful of pride and look at a person whose opinion I do not like, and still love and accept...really and truly love and accept.

I am not good at it.

But I want to be good at it.

And I want this country to be good at it. So please you try to be good at it too.

(if you aren't done reading about this boring junk my dad said some nice things over on his blog...)


Scrumtrulescent said...

The status updates on Facebook are enough to make Abraham Lincoln spin in his grave

Megs said...

wow. and yes I will so try. so hard.

us said...

Well put Em! You are a great example and a doll!

i i eee said...

Great post.

My problem is how people make it so black and white. Apparently you can be either for or against. I don't think that one man, or one party could have all the answers; everyone wants to turn to extremes. But that simplifies everything to a degree of ridiculousness. And if you're somewhat neutral, like myself, you're accused of apathy.

Katy & Mike said...

Bravo Emily, this is BEAUTIFUL, and I couldn't agree more!

Twinkie said...

Thank you for posting this. Its everything I've felt and wanted to say and just didn't know how. I'm putting a link to it on my blog. Thank you.

Meikel said...

amen. and amen sister.

Anonymous said...

my thoughts have been running along the same lines. i hope it's contagious.

April said...

Great thoughts Em. I was SO disappointed to hear all the booing every time McCain mentioned Obama in his concession speech. It was so disheartening. I can only hope that those people were simply caught up in their sadness at "their guy" losing, and that they will find a way to get involved and do some good in the next four years.