Wednesday, February 9, 2011

make your heart

Before Aaron and I met, I only knew who he was vaguely because we went to the same church, but he and his roommate Eric didn't ever socialize with anyone (or smile) so I knew nothing about them. I do remember one specific Sunday when they walked in with this tall, beautiful girl who Aaron and Eric talked to and smiled at all through Sacrament Meeting. Because I am a terrible person, I made all kinds of assumptions about them and their dating lives that were completely wrong and should have taught me a valuable lesson about assuming and asses and the like (but it didn't).

The tall, beautiful girl ended up being a friend of theirs, one who I would come to love and one who got married on Saturday.

I did her flowers for her, which I love to do regardless of the kinds of flowers involved, but was extra fun because she did a vibe similar to what Aaron and I had done for our wedding (cus Mexicans).

However, I am the worst at getting photos before I rush the flowers out the door so this is the bride bouquet in one of Aaron's hands while he drove with the other,

these are the 5 bridesmaids mini bouquets and a flower girl bouquet in a bowl on my lap,

and these are the boutonneires and mom corsages in my hand while walking up to the temple.

I wish the back of my car looked (and smelled) like this every day!

I need to get photos Tasha took of the tables, but my favorite was this sign-in table arrangement.

I love the set up stage of a party,

and the party side of a party...such a great night.

Congratulations Melanie and Zach!


Mimi said...

Such beautiful flowers. Is that your vase? Love it!

Anne said...


k8 said...

aw, i didn't know they got married! cool!

Ems said...

oh yeah, Zach said he knew you and to say hi!

Mimi, that is my vase and I too LOVE IT.

corinne said...

holy beautiful flowers. i wish i had known you when i got married. so talented emily!

Christy Cropper Photography said...

aw! so, so beautiful!
are those ranunculus? whatever they are, i lurve them! bravo.

i i eee said...

Beautiful! You have such a talent for this, Emily! Wish I had made you do my flowers. Ha!

kate said...

so pretty!